we create the target, draw the path and motivate our team to travel down that path to reach the target..”

Our Story

Nurturing life is our commitment. That is not limited to food production – it goes on to the projects, initiatives and causes that we embrace. To deliver quality products, we rely on a team that is dedicated to innovating every single day. We are more than 100 thousand employees in the entire world. A numerous team that has a global vision, while at the same time pays attention to local needs.

Each member of our team is important to make BRF one of the biggest food companies in the world. We are guided by values that serve as a compass for our work. The ethics in all our actions, the transparency in our chain of value and the innovation are unnegotiable stakes for us.

Our portfolio includes over several brands, among them are Sadia and Perdigão, among others, represent the company around the world with the same purpose: producing high standard items that begin with our animal husbandry and ends up in our consumer’s table.

However, we can’t do all that by ourselves: apart from our employees, we count on the support of over 13 thousand integrated producers, over 30 thousand supplies (of which 4 thousand are just for grain, flour and kitchen oil) and 240 thousand consumers worldwide. Operating in this manner empowers small humane acts and expands the personal development possibilities. That is the constitution of our great community, which is diverse, entrepreneurial and passionate. The renovation of relationships, in a collaborative and inclusive way, becomes possible thanks to the permeable borders that currently outline our entire world.

our team

Stella Lindley

Sales Manager

Donald Martin


Gaby Williams

Quality Control


most important value is people. As simple as that. The people who aspire to and perform the activities that drive our company on its path of innovation, globalization, quality and sustainable management. This recognition has its origins in an internal culture that transcends walls, doors and hierarchies, which is the driving force that all employees transmit to and receive from one another. That’s the culture of our company, a set of initiatives, values and attributes that change everything: our connection to markets, the relations between managers and teams, the partnership between departments and even the motivation that drives us in our day-to-day activities. Engagement in this culture occurs transversally across the hierarchical structure and empowers each person: their expectations, their ideas and their positive inconformity that drives change throughout our company.

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